Season 2 Episode 7: How do we decolonize everything?

In this episode, edna bonhomme interviews Mihir about the Black Lives Matter movement, climate justice, the history of resistance in the Global South, the German left, and the power of internationalism.

Mihir is a researcher with the group Anthropology of Global Inequalities at the University of Bayreuth where he also teaches courses in political anthropology. His current research project deals with social movements, race, class, and activism in St. Louis. Follow Mihir @mihirzabaan on Twitter, or

Groups mentioned in the podcast

Black Earth Berlin BIPOC Environmental and Climate Justice Collective Berlin Bloque Latinoamericano Berlin Xart Splitta ISD Berlin, Berlin Postkolonial, Black Lives Matter Berlin, EOTO Reclaim the Power UK Wretched of the Earth


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Interview, editing, and production by edna bonhomme

Music by MattiaGiovanetti and NALALIONGIRL through (Creative Common)