Season 2, Episode 4: Finding Pleasure in the Age of Corona

In this episode, edna bonhomme interviewed Lee Richards and Camille Barton, two queer decolonial activists and researchers living in Berlin about their practice of somatic healing. We also discussed how they are coping with COVID-19, what is happening in their communities abroad, and how we can help marginalized communities navigate through this current crisis. We spoke about the intersections of wellness, care, and social justice.

Description text:

Lee Richards

Lee Richards, also known by their stage name Daddypuss Rex, is an intersectional gender terrorist with a big mouth and who isn’t afraid to use it. Based in Berlin, they are a multidisciplinary artist/poet/stand up comedian and co-producer of the Queer talk show ‘Just The T’ . They often use a mix of humor and poetry to navigate topics such as anti-Blackness, racism, transphobia and general colonial nonsense – the goal is to touch hearts, minds, and butts…with active consent! Additionally, Lee is a yoga teacher whose classes center Black and Queer experiences, narratives and bodies of all shapes, sizes and abilities – giving space to practitioners to fully exercise their agency on and off the mat. Their goal here is to decolonize the practice of yoga and to bring it to marginalized communities that are often overlooked by the colonial cishetero patriarchy that is prevalent in the (yoga) world today. Their teaching style combines elements from the Hatha Vinyasa Vedic system as well as traditional African (Kemetic/Smai Tawi) postures, movements, and philosophies. Lee uses yoga as a means to connect people to their own bodies, to their own minds, and ultimately to their own higher selves.

Follow them on Instagram: @daddypuss.rex

Camille Barton

Camille Barton is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, facilitator, coach and somatic movement practitioner, working on the intersections of wellness, arts, drug policy, and social change. They are the director of the Collective Liberation Project and co-produced RE:GENERATE, a Black centered UK arts festival focusing on the intersections of drug policy, racial justice, and liberation.
Their film, Space is the Place, made in association with C4 Random Acts, can be found here.



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“The Colour of Injustice: ‘Race’, drugs and law enforcement in England and Wales” 2016/17 report conducted by StopWatch, Release, and LSE’s International Drug Policy Unit on how Black and minority ethnic communities are impacted by drug law enforcement in England and Wales


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Interview and editing by edna bonhomme
Music by MattiaGiovanetti (477877, Attribution License, Creative Commons), NALALIONGIRL (442612, Attribution License, Creative Commons), X3nus (450539, Attribution License, Creative Commons), zagi2 ( 265251, Attribution License, Creative Commons)