Season 1 Recap

edna bonhomme and Kristyna Comer highlight the contributions from Season 1 of the Decolonization in Action Podcast. We will resume the podcast in mid-March.

In this episode, edna bonhomme and Kristyna Comer, the hosts of the Decolonization in Action Podcast, present an overview of Season 1 and provides excerpts of some of the ways that guests have put decoloniality in their work by interrogating science, museums, memory, the arts, and climate justice. We will resume with Season 2 of the podcast in mid-March 2020.

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The excerpts highlighted in the recap came from the following episodes:

Episode 6: Towards an African Technological & Scientific Imaginary

Episode 8: Heritage Formation…-formation/

Episode 4: Colonial Medicalization and Homosexuality in the Philippines…calization/

Episode 10: “Whose Solutions?” Podcast por el Clima at COP25 with Sumugan Sivanesan…-sivanesan/



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