Season 1 Episode 9: Beyond Survival: The (Post)colonial Comedian

Kate Cheka and edna bonhomme discuss the anti-colonial dimensions of laughter.

In this episode, Berlin-based comedian, Kate Cheka discusses the Enlightenment, (post)coloniality, and the power of protest. In addition to talking about her work in comedy and the radical potential of joy and community building comedy can create, Kate also shares her scholarly research from her master’s thesis which centered around decolonial critiques of the Enlightenment. After studying in New Delhi and Buenos Aires, Kate also talks about how traveling to formerly colonized cities gave her an expanded understanding of ongoing forms of coloniality as well as the ways in which the classroom continues to be a colonial space.

Kate Cheka is a (usually) Berlin-based graduate in MA Global Studies at the Humboldt University. Her thesis entitled “The Threat of European, Enlightenment Thinking in (Post)colonial Spaces” was inspired by her time at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. It deals in the exportation the hyper-rationality of European thinking to the Global South. Presenting the voices of feminist, decolonial, and marginalised theorists, it argues that the solutions to our present crises already exist but are often overlooked by Western hegemony. She is also a regular on the Berlin English-language comedy scene and hosts a podcast Love in the Time Of on THF Radio Berlin.


Audre Lorde, The Uses of Anger


Interview by edna bonhomme
Audio Production Editing by edna bonhomme
Assistance by Kristyna Comer
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