S1E3: Leftism in Action: A History of Leftist People of Color

In this episode, edna bonhomme and Wendi Muse discuss the long history of leftists of color. Creator and co-host of the podcast Left POCket Project, Wendi explains how she uses the medium of podcasting to make the many histories of leftists of color from around the world accessible

Wendi Muse has created the Left POCket podcast as an interactive platform for co-reading, co-learning, and co-discussion. Rather than defining leftist movements by the language used, Wendi argues that leftist activism is a form of everyday engagement, putting leftism into action. She also shares her research on how the left in Brazil has been influenced by decolonizing movements in the former Portuguese colonies in Africa. In addition, she talks about her research on Afro-Latinx communities in Brazil and forms of white supremacy in Brazil, especially in the media, that actively construct Latinidad around whiteness rather than reflecting people of color who make up most of Brazil’s population. By looking to the histories of when power was successfully resisted, Wendi activates the past also as a source of hope for the future. 

Photograph screenshot from Left POCket podcast: https://soundcloud.com/leftpoc

Wendi Muse
Wendi Muse is a PhD Candidate in History at New York University. Her dissertation Exiles & Allies: Race, Resistance, and Radical Thought in Cold War Brazil and Portuguese Africa analyzes Portuguese Africa’s impact on the Brazilian left through intellectual and political exchange. In addition to her doctoral work, Wendi holds a Master’s in Latin American Studies, has lived and worked in Brazil, and has also conducted research regarding Afro-Brazilian political organizing throughout the 20th century. Wendi is also the creator of the Left POCket Project, which makes the histories of leftist movements led by and comprised of people of color more easily accessible to the public. You can find her on Twitter at @MuseWendi and follow the Left POCket Project by visiting @LeftPOC or follow #leftPOC.
The LeftPOC podcast is available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spreaker, Spotify, and YouTube.

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